Thank you, Universe! I love you.

I recently felt inspired to write this article, mostly because of the impact that adopting this way of being has changed my personal and professional life.

Most people’s lives are busy, chaotic and in general life has a lot of demands on one. Most of the time in general due to society’s general lifestyle it can normally be very easy to slip into a negative thinking pattern and mindset. All the news in our world also most of the time feeds us negativity. When we relate to each other we generally like to “vent” and focus on the negative, it’s a general pattern of human nature. When we unconsciously start slipping and believing the negative stories the world keeps telling us, it’s easy to slip into negative self talk, depression and a constant feeling of lack and unworthiness. We are filled in a world with hype, celebrities, social media and constantly being compared to the next, what this one is doing and the other. Self-love is the key and in order to access self-love we must first start with gratitude. In our lifetimes, most of us won’t be the most intelligent, most wealthy, most healthy, most prettiest, most whatever in this world. So stop negative self talk.
Here’s where this powerful technique can change your life significantly.

Whatever your life circumstances, just as there are people who have it possibly “better” than you, there are many many many people who are suffering and have it way worse than you. Sometimes it takes something being taken away from you to realise how much value you had in that thing in the first place.

When we start creating an attitude of gratitude we immediately start elevating our mindset and behaviours in a new direction. Instead of constantly living in a mindset of lack and unworthiness (this is a space where I believe you have a victim based mindset) we are moved towards a place of responsibility and happiness. The moment we are grateful we are creating new neural pathways and better belief systems in our minds.

Gratitude — one may ask what is there to be grateful for?
There are probably a million things I could write down on a list now.
Firstly, you have two legs right? Some people don’t. You have vision and sight, some people don’t. You have a place to stay, etc…the more we observe and focus on what we DO HAVE, the more I believe it opens up your universe to growth and more opportunities. Start with getting into a positive pattern and mindset by sincerely adopting this attitude towards gratitude and it will change you significantly.